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High School Principal



To develop and implement a rigorous educational program which meets the needs of all students enrolled at the high school
To create and maintain a caring, safe, positive learning environment; to provide school-wide leadership for students, staff, parents, and the community.


1. Possess Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Secondary Principals Certification
2. Possess secondary teaching experience
3. Possess 3.0 or higher QPA
4. Possess proof of ongoing professional development or educational experience
5. Possess outstanding verbal and written communication skills
6. Possess demonstrated leadership skills
7. Possess technology literacy


1. Responsible for implementing the Department of Education regulations, district goals and policies, and objectives of South Allegheny High School
2. Responsible for creating a working environment that encourages positive staff morale
3. Responsible for meeting with staff to assess the needs, progress, and concerns
4. Responsible for making staffing and hiring recommendations to the Superintendent
5. Responsible for ensuring that the district curriculum is being followed in the classroom and that teachers are regularly and fairly evaluating students by means of tests, quizzes, projects, and other forms of meaningful assessment that focus on student performance
6. Responsible for overseeing the scheduling for standardized testing and ensuring that the building atmosphere is conducive to testing
7. Responsible for meeting with the staff to interpret test results and implement strategies to use data effectively to improvement achievement
8. Responsible for ensuring the posting of interim progress reports at the midpoint of each nine-week period
9. Responsible for developing the master schedule based on student course needs; with multiple scheduling options; assigning staff to subject area assignments and non-instructional duties; balancing class sizes whenever possible and feasible; providing for full utilization of facilities and resources
10. Responsible for supervising and evaluating all professional staff members and supervising assigned non-professional staff
11. Responsible for conducting effective walk-throughs and providing individual and summative feedback to staff
12. Responsible for creating and supporting innovative programming and opportunities for students and educators
13. Responsible for implementing a high school discipline policy and ensuring the assignment penalties for violations
14. Responsible for overseeing student and class attendance, including truancies
15. Responsible for meeting with the Dean of Students and/or Assistant Principal yearly to update the Student-Parent Handbook
16. Responsible for overseeing the Student Assistance Team
17. Responsible for attending IEP conferences and teaming with the Director of Student Support Services, the School Psychologist, parents and students in developing and implementing an appropriate educational program for students with disabilities
18. Responsible for writing and administering grants for special high school projects and initiatives
19. Responsible for completing special projects as requested by the Superintendent.
20. Responsible for employing a humanistic approach in decisions affecting staff, students, parents, and the community
21. Responsible for planning, supervising, and directing staff and students
22. Responsible for nominating staff and students for awards and recognition as appropriate
23. Responsible for planning and conducting professional development sessions, as appropriate
24. Responsible for reacting promptly and effectively in crisis situations
25. Responsible for demonstrating flexibility, dependability, ethical behavior, initiative, and creativity in decision-making
26. Responsible for actively participating in Leadership Team and Academic Team meetings
27. Responsible for overseeing the activities and duties of the Dean of Students
28. Responsible for overseeing the activities of the Administrative Assistants in the building
29. Responsible for attending School Board meetings as requested by the Superintendent
30. Responsible for identifying and justifying monies to be spent in various categories of the budget each year in collaboration with key staff
31. Responsible for ensuring that adequate instructional materials are available for each classroom to function properly
32. Responsible for supervising the collection and depositing of monies for lost books and other items that students have lost or damaged; as well as for all student activity accounts, School, and Community Relations
33. Responsible for responding to parent, student, and community inquiries and keeping parents informed of student attendance, classroom behavior, academic progress, and student achievement through the monitoring of the electronic parent notification system
34. Responsible for writing letters of recommendation for students or staff members, as requested
35. Responsible for nominating students for awards and recognition and writing letters of recommendation, as appropriate
36. Responsible for overseeing the organization of an Awards Assembly and other school-wide events each year
37. Responsible for keeping parents and staff informed of school events and activities through regular communication (e-mail distribution lists, monthly newsletters, etc.)
38. Responsible for ensuring representation at Steel Center Career and Technical School meetings and events
39. Responsible for planning Commencement and its related activities
40. Responsible for engaging with parents to create positive relationships
41. Responsible for supervising the creation and storage of report cards, transcripts, interim progress reports, discipline files, attendance files, permanent student files, and health records as appropriate
42. Responsible for overseeing the completion of all PDE and other annual forms required for the high school
43. Responsible for declaring the graduating class has completed all requirements for graduation
44. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the athletic program and extracurricular activities of the high school, in conjunction with the Athletic Director, as appropriate, including selection of coaches, sponsors, and fundraising activities
45. Responsible for representing the school, as needed, at WPIAL and PIAA meetings
46. Responsible for attending athletic events, as possible, particularly home games
47. Responsible for overseeing the overall operating of the building on a daily basis
48. Responsible for conducting appropriate drills and provide safety training as appropriate
49. Responsible for other duties as assigned by the Superintendent or designee


Term of employment is 12 months and is in accordance with the Act 93 Agreement between administrators and the South Allegheny School District.


Performance of this job will be evaluated by the Superintendent.